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Julie Mannina

Lead Vocals, Cowbell, Tambourine and Shakers
Julie's soulful and funky voice "with an attitude" comes straight from her Detroit Motown roots and sets the pace for the band.  Julie is a powerhouse singer who has performed through out her life, first in theater and musicals and later in bands.   Julie is the featured vocalist for PJ Zahn "live" performances.  
Andy Ard

Andy is the consummate entertainer and a creative genius when it comes to song writing and music.  He recently signed with Lyric House as a song writer and has received many accolades from through out the United States for his song writing abilities.  Andy grew up in the south with diverse musical influences from through out the world.  Andy is a great entertainer of PJ Zahn audiences during our "live"  performances.
Brian Bucenec

Brian "The Professor" Bucenec has been a professional keyboardist and vocalist for many years.  From his east coast roots Brian has been playing and performing with bands across the U.S.  Brian shows his versatility on keys on a night to night basis, whether it's Herbie Hancock jazz licks or straight-ahead blues, R&B, or Rock and Roll.  Brian is always ready to take a keyboard lead during PJ Zahn's "live" performances.    

Song Writer, Lead Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica

Keyboards and Vocals
Mike Reid

Mike "Jackpot" Reid is the engine that drives PJ Zahn.  He grew-up in Evergreen CO in the shadows of Red Rocks Amphitheater with all of its musical influences.  Mike is recognized by his peers as one of the best bass players in the U.S.  He has performed everywhere with many nationally recognized acts.  Mike is the music director for PJ Zahn and sets the pace for the bands "live" performance. 

Bass Guitar
Bob Spradling

Bob "Superman" Spradling knows the importance of laying down a solid beat that sets in the pocket and grooves with energy.  He has been playing drums since he could walk.  Bob grew up in a musical family in Indiana and has performed with many great musicians from across the U.S.   Bob provides the energy that drives PJ Zahn's "live" performance.

Drums and Percussion